Hummer Turfgrass Certifications

Hummer Turfgrass Systems is a bonded, natural grass sports field contractor. We are one of a few companies with a Certified Field Builder – Natural Turf (CFB-N) and a Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) on staff.

Our services are available through the Pennsylvania Department of General Services CoStars Purchasing Program on the following contracts:

  • Costars 14 Recreational & Fitness Equipment and Services
  • Costars 29 Grounds Keeping Services and Supplies

Certified Field Builder - Natural Turf

Certified Field Builder – Natural Turf

The Certified Field Builder Program was developed by the ASBA to help raise professional standards and to improve the practice of field construction. The following list of people who, by passing a comprehensive exam on field construction and maintenance and by fulfilling prescribed standards of experience, have demonstrated a high level of expertise in field construction.

STMA Certified Sports Field Manager

Sports Turf Managers Association

STMA Certified Sports Field Manager. STMA advances professionalism in sports field management and safety through education, awareness programs, and industry development.

PA Costars


PA Department of General Services CoStars. COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program administered by the Department of General Services (DGS) Bureau of Procurement. The COSTARS Program provides registered local public procurement units as well as state affiliated entities (together “members”) and suppliers a tool to find and do business with each other effectively through the use of a contract established by DGS.