Sand Grid Drainage Systems

The Sand Grid Drainage System was developed by Hummer Turfgrass Systems as a solution to drainage issues on high use sports fields. Since its inception in 1990 we have installed over 150 systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Many of our clients have found the system to be so effective that they have installed it on multiple fields at their campus or complex.


The Sand Grid Drainage System can be installed as a part of a construction or renovation project or even on a field with the existing grass in place. The system can be designed to fit any type of sports field, no matter what sport is being played.

Sand Grid Design Diagram

Sand Grid Design Plan

Sand Grid Drainage System Installation Diagram


Any natural grass field will benefit from the Sand Grid Drainage Systems’ immediate improvement to the playability and increased usage that a Sand Gird field can withstand. With this system in place, you can make better usage with less scheduling headaches out of your facility by increasing use and decreasing the time lost after heavy rains.


The Sand Grid Drainage System consists of a cross matrix of narrow trenches whose profile is designed to quickly absorb excess moisture and carry it off the field. The materials used during the installation are tested and approved by our staff before they are installed on the jobsite to make sure they meet our requirements. All of the equipment used during the installation process is equipped with flotation tires and specially designed to carry out specific tasks to ensure quality control is maintained throughout the installation.

Sand Grid Installation Tractor

Sand Grid Field Installation

Sand Grid Installation with cart

Sand Grid Field Installation Prep


The Sand Grid Drainage System leaves the native topsoil in place between the Sand Grid drain lines. This is beneficial because the topsoil provides moisture and nutrient holding capacity. This means that you get the benefit of increased drainage without increasing the amount of nutrient and water inputs on the field.

Sand Grid Sustainability