Franklin & Marshall College

Lancaster, PA

Franklin & Marshall’s practice football field was in dire need of repair.

During the spring of 2013, the team at Hummer completed a survey of the practice field and then re-designed the layout with the help of David Miller/Associates. The updated practice field was expanded to conform to NCAA layout and a swale was relocated to accommodate the expansion. The excavation of the site started in the summer of 2013 and included three feet of cut/fill. The new field also features the Hummer Turfgrass Sand Grid Drainage System and a new in-ground irrigation system. Both of these features were done by Hummer using GPS layout which will allow repairs to be done accurately and effectively. The field was laser graded and Big Roll sod was installed in time for practice in August. Hummer has been contracted to provide follow up turf maintenance on the field also.

Franklin & Marshall Sand Grid Installation

Franklin & Marshall Field Grading

Franklin & Marshall Practice Field Renovation

Franklin & Marshall Field Seeding


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